Project: Zoom Explainer Video

I created an explainer video about Zoom-Video Conferencing to introduce faculty and students to the new online conferencing tool. I managed the project and took the video from concept idea to finished render and upload.


  • Concept ideas, plan project, rough ideas and sketches. Meeting with online lead faculty and online student advior about desired content.
  • Storyboard, develop color board, mood board.
  • Finalize storyboard, develope a 4-col script.
  • Created graphics, sources free avatars, sourced music piece.
  • Plan out animations and quick animatics from storyboards.
  • Set up After Effects projects. Test renders.
  • Export project for preview by online team.
  • Test simulations, get feedback from users.
  • Corrections and tweaks to videos, re-test, export and upload to YouTube.
Orientation Badges

Work: Creation of Inital Rough Storyboards

First storyboard. Figuring out colors and look of video, what graphics needed to be made.

Storyboards made in PowerPoint.


Work: Refining Storyboards

Fine tuning look and feel of the video. Storyboards were turned into animatics to see the flow of the video and plan out animation for the graphics.

Before and After Orientation Slides

Work: Graphics for Animating in After Effects

Many of the graphics were made in either Illustrator or Photoshop and then the project files imported into After Effects and animated.


Work: After Effects Project

All animation was created in After Effects then imported into Premiere Pro to sync music and add titles. Exported for You Tube in both 720p HD and 1080p HD.

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