Content Multimedia Developer - Online Courses, Higher Education

Working with course material created by Subject Matter Experts and faculty members, I build/create courses within the Dialog.edu LMS platform. These courses are hand built using HTML3 and internal CSS within a Bootstrap framework.


  • Create 4 terms per academic year through course cloning and new course creation.
  • Graphic design: I design and create custom graphics and icons for courses and platform pages.
  • Create media slides for course resources, embeding internal videos (uploaded to platform assets) and external videos (You Tube and other off platform sites), create MP3 slides for instructor Pod Casts.
  • Creation of assignments, discussion forums and quiz/exam modules.
  • Plan out Quality Assurance schedules for courses, and resource pages.
  • Schedule work tasks for assistant content developer.
  • Plan and create custom course resource assets for faculty members.
  • Plan and schedule course revisions as they are sent in by faculty and lead faculty members.

Work: Custom Presentation Slide: Instructor Welcome

Created with MP4 video installed in couse outline.

Video background and lower 3rd created in Premiere Pro.

Learning Management Platform Administrator

Work: Learning Management Platform Administrator


  • I maintain the functionality of the Dialog Edu platform, troubleshooting technical issues with both platform and online courses and user roles.
  • For student and faculty resouces, I create additional pages witin the LMS, for these pages I create the graphics, icons and videos.
  • Upcoming term course offerings and dates: I update the course offering list and the term start dates.
  • I oversee and set user roles for online team members and faculty.
  • Update manuals and user guides for students and faculty.
  • Create and maintain additional sites such as the Teaching Center for Excellence.
  • Maintain and trouble shoot gradebook issues.

Work: Create Student Resource Page: MyHub

Working with material and sketches from campus librarian and other online team members, I created a central hub for student resources. Links include direct access to library resources, student FAQ page, student portal, APA and writing help, time management tips, tips for student success, Zoom live classroom and more.

Before and After Orientation Slides

Work: Frequently Asked Questions page


Work: Created and updated How-To pages

Recent update include addition of new tabs holding information on topic and how to videos.

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