• Welcome slide motion graphics for a small business management online course.
  • Graphics made in Adobe Illustrator
  • Animated in Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Photoshop for final output as a Gif
  • Time to create project = 1 hr


Example of circle transitions and wipes.

Everything made in After Effects

Work: Infographics Interface.

All graphics made in After Effects.

All numbers/percentages driven by Expressions.

Project: My Favorite Adobe Apps

Walk Cycle

Made entirely in After Effects.

Project: MyCity Online Course Resources. Intro animation to additional course video and article links.

Made in Adobe Illustrator and After Effects.


New Student Orientation Motion Graphics.

Animated in After Effects. Grahpics made in Illistrator and Photoshop.

Project: Spring to Winter Compositing.


  • I took a photo of the little castle I lived near in the springtime.
  • In Photoshop, I added the snow and and removed/replaced the sky.
  • In After Effects, I imported the Photoshp layers, added the lighis in the windows and color corrected the scene.
  • The final part of the composite was adding the snow - CC Particle Workd in After Effects, and the smoke layer.

Project: Creating graphics on live footage


  • Used footage of a van parked on a street as the location for the graphics.
  • Created graphics in Illustrator and After Effects.
  • Edited and added a music clip.


Coming Soon.

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