My name is Sheila, thanks for taking a moment to look around the site. A little about me: I grew up in Upstate New York and I have lived in California, Oregon and for a few years in Germany. I love to travel and see new places, travel is a passion of mine, as is multimedia. While in college I took classes in web design, video production and post production, audio engineering, digital music and animation. I also have had classes in compositing and rotoscoping, graphic design, storyboarding/scripiting as well as typography, various art classes.

My favorite software to use is Adobe After Effects, I love being able to create graphics, take them into After Effects and bring them to life. I also love the compositing aspects of After Effects, I feel that it is a very powerful and versitile application. As for Adobe products, I have been using them since 2003, starting with CS/CS2 and I use the latest version Creative Cloud 2017 both at work and at home. My ideal job is one that encompasses most the above mentioned skills, with room to grow and learn new software and techniques.

About the banner images on my site: I lived in Germany for a few years and these are some of the my photos. On the Home page gallery is a photo taken from the Hamburg Haupbhanhof (train station) and the The Rheinhafen centre of arts and the media, taken from the Rhine River. The lower banner (same page) is from an archway on the Aachen Dom (cathedral). The red theater seats banner is from the small theater I used to work in - the Kino Rio. I was the projectionist, ticket seller and ran the concession stand. It was a very small movie theater! I learned (in German) how to operate the projector and splice film. On the right was my projection room, the 5 foot tall projector and film feeder are there on the right.

Ideal job/position:

  • Creating explainer type videos. Motion Graphics
  • Editing video and audio, compositing.
  • Creating sound effects and Foley sounds.
  • Animation, digital stop motion.
  • Working with a highly creative and collborative team.
  • Creative problem solving, making the "impossible" possible.


2004 Eternal Gratitude Award

The Eugene Saturday Market-Recieved for 12 years of service to market as both worker and supervisor.


Employee Of The Month - 2008

FedEx Ground - Recieved for Quality Assurance and hustle.


Outstanding Service -2015

City College - Online -Recieved for outstanding work on MyCity online platform.




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